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Une ville ou de nombreux Brésiliens s’étaient établis, lors de leur arrivée au Togo. Join the conversation and stay connected with the community: Receive a regular selection of feminist analysis, resources and ways to get involved with the movements. And she has a sense of responsibility.”. France travel guide. C abane, Lydie and T antchou, Josiane (eds) www.liberta-togo.com During the six years the British were in Togo they instituted welcomed economic measures such as the suspension of the collection of all direct taxes and trading license fees. Djibril se plaignant de maux de ventre, Danialou lui propose un remède aux plantes pour calmer la douleur. He married the youngest daughter of Francisco Félix de Souza, Francisca “Sikè Kpèvi”, with whom he had three children: Leopoldo (1863), Cândida (1865), and Cesário (1867).6. The only women candidate in the Presidential elections of 2010: Brigitte Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson, Born on 26 December 1958 to a family of political activists, she fell in the cauldron of the political scene from a young age. Long negotiations between the different political actors within the framework of an inter-Togolese dialogue, from 21 April to 6 July 2006, led to the signing of the Comprehensive Political Agreement (Accord politique global) and the organization of the anticipated legislative elections in 2007, from which three main parties in the Togolese Parliament emerged. 90: 57-65 d'Almeida, 1939 Revisão do gênero Appias (subgên. However, a different branch of the family took Behanzan’s side. http://www.assemblee-nationale.tg/spip.php?article66, http://wildaf-ao.org/fr/spip.php?article48, http://www.jeuneafrique.com/Article/ARTJAWEB20100205144214/, http://www.apanews.net/public/spip.php?article115268, http://www.icilome.com/nouvelles/news.asp?id=3&idnews=14228&f. Trouver ma généalogie. Titulaire d'un baccalauréat de gestion et d'administration, Balbina d'Almeida est étudiante en 2 e année de journalisme. It is bordered on the west by Ghana (877 km), the east by Benin (644 km), the north by Burkina Faso (126 km) and to the south with a 50-km long coastal strip: the Gulf of Guinea. Ayi Johannès Félix Laurier has 23 jobs listed on their profile. Measures to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings in Benin, Nigeria and Togo, Final Report – Nigeria. Gado, B. and Guitart, F. (1996) L'influence de Niamey sur les marches de Baleyera et Kolo (Niger), in: C. COQUERY-VIDROVITCH, H. D'ALMEIDA-TOPOR and J. SENECHaL (Eds) Interdépendances villes-campagnes en Afrique: mobilité des hommes, circulation des biens et diffusion des modeLes depuis lesindépendances , pp. However, why such indifference and such little mobilization to participate in the process and support the only women candidate who dares to run for the Highest Office in the country? pp 41-46, and 1994, op. He organized a big reception for the colony’s governor on his visit to Ouidah in 1895 and encouraged the “Brazilian” community to express their support for the French administration publicly. Several other activities are in progress, in particular: legislative reform of the Code des personnes et de la famille (the National Family Code); advocacy for the ratification and implementation of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People's Rights [5]. After the war, the French were in control and the De Souza family’s influence waned because of its association with the king of Abomey. Le mouvement des Afro-Brésiliens retournant en Afrique commença dans la première moitié du … The photographs of Leopold and Cesário and the one of Cândida with her husband and daughter were certainly taken in France, probably in the early twentieth century. This merchant enjoyed considerable prestige in the city and was charged by Colonel Dodds, commander of the French invading troops, to personally organize and command the forces of the king of Porto-Novo in the war against Behanzan, king of Dahomey. Because they have very insufficient resources to conduct activities, most of the organizations are small with low technical capacity to mobilize resources. Since then, the country has been ruled by five Presidents: Sylvanus Olympio, the father of independence and the first President of Togo, [1] from 1960 to 1963, the year of his assassination; Nicolas Grunisky, 1963 to 1967, overthrown following a military coup; Général Gnassingbé Eyadéma, 1967–2005, who died in power. “At three years old, I gave a brief speech to President Sylvanus Olympio“, she said, in a burst of laughter. In 1875, the year when the photo seems to have been taken, when Cesário was around five years of age, the Aguda community was prosperous enough to cover the travel costs of a photographer. Francisca Patterson) - c.1873, Leopoldo e Cesário Medeiros (álbum de família da Sra. This pressure resulted in the undersigning of 22 commitments on 14 April 2004 by the Togolese Government following consultation with the European Union, with the aim of consolidating democracy, national reconciliation and social peace [3]. Already in 2007, during the anticipated legislative elections, there were strong mobilization efforts by Togolese civil society and the international community to ensure peaceful and non-violent elections. Francisca Patterson) - c. 1920, Terms of Use “I am an indulgent mother. However, despite their limited resources, the defenders and organizers of women's rights in the country have succeeded in the following worthy activities: the gradual social recognition of the law of succession of women in case of death of their spouse; obligatory schooling until the age of 15 for boys and girls: In 2006, during the Inter-Tologese Dialogue, the two women’s organizations representing civil society organizations were success in bringing together the political parties signatory to the Comprehensive Political Agreement, committing themselves in writing to “ to be open towards ensuring the fair representation of women in the electoral processes and in the socio-political life” [3]. During this electoral process, little passion and mobilization has been observed by women’s organizations with respect to the legislative elections of 2007. But make no mistake about it, being a diplomat, she also knows how to be firm: her firm hand at the time inspired another nickname, “Iron lady”. Chief coordinator of a 60 person camp for the creation of 20 radio programs, diffused in the Francophone world. (2005), Histoire des Togolais de 1884 à 1960, Tome II, Lomé, Presses de l’UL, Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante (CENI) (2009), http://ceni-togo.org/Les-membres. acervoaguda@gmail.com. A shipowner and captain, Francisco José settled in Ghana in the mid-1800s, later moving to Aneho and then Ague to work in the slave trade and palm oil business. He put this poor performance down to the color of his skin and his foreign surname.9. An inventory concerning traditional African hepatoprotective remedies has been compiled, from information published in a number of different reports. As a result of several negotiations under the aegis of the facilitator of the Inter-Togolese Dialogue, Blaise Campaoré, President of the Republic of Burkina Faso, the Presidential elections will be held on 4 March 2010, and under the one-round, single member constituency system. This is indeed the deeply felt wish of the Togolese population. They were Amah d’Almeida, Jorge d’Almeida, Ildelfonso d’Almeida, Akuete da Silveira, ... Les Afro-Brésiliens du Togo : l’exemple de la famille Olympio, 1882-1945. Efforts have been made to achieve this so that Togo would not relive the psychosis of the past right after the electoral processes. Your go-to source for the latest trends impacting gender justice and women’s rights around the world, Togo will hold its Presidential elections on 4 March 2010. But politics is not her only crusade. The Togolese people will go to the polls on 4 March 2010 for their next President. She is passionate about the law and a teaching assistant at the University of Benin at Lomé, has accumulated diplomas in private law, comparative law and foreign law, obtained in Lomé and in Paris, and has focused on the rights of women and children and development issues, subjects on which she has written a great deal. How on earth we pack everything into our France travel guide is beyond me however, pack it all in we do and if you’re looking for what we rate & what we don’t as well as Responsible Travel’s best & worst high and low lights then read on to discover France like a local, cuisses de grenouilles and all. We hope that the candidate elected will back up his or her words in actions and create the necessary conditions for women’s access to a better life. Watch Queue Queue The electoral campaign that began on Tuesday 26 February 2010 will end on 2 March 2010. At this time, trafficking slaves to Cuba and the United States was still possible,4 and Francisco José, who spoke English well, became the main supplier of palm oil and slaves to the American market,5 thanks to which he was able to settle in Ouidah and run his business in close collaboration with the De Souza family. [2]. 12: 129-152 Boisduval, 1832 From north to south, Togo is 710 km long and up to 120 km wide. Interviews with Francisca Berthe Djidé Patterson. Patterson is rightly regarded one of the bastions of Aguda culture, and it is as such that she appears in photograph where she is depicted in the reception room of her house in Porto-Novo in February 1996. They have now come into their own, significantly changing the intransigent view of the established patriarchal literary canon. Victor then married Francisca, heir of the De Medeiros estate and traditions, and the couple had three children: Clotilde Chantal Béatrice and Estelle Carmen Candida, who live in Paris, and Achille, who lives in Porto-Novo with his mother, who has been widowed for many years. 2016 Composer entre la famille et le marché à Madagascar, Afrique contemporaine, 259: 23–39; DOI: 10.3917/afco.259.0023. 177-191. Sitting in Togo’s Parliament were the Union des Forces du Changement (UFC, Union of Forces for Change, with 27 seats) and the Comité d’Action pour le Renouveau (CAR, Action Committee for Renewal, with four seats), in the opposite, and the winning party, Rassemblement du Peuple Togolais (RPT, Rally of the Togolese People, with 50 out of 81 seats) [4]. Here she earned the nickname of “the President has asked me to tell you”, an expression that she often uses. Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé, 2005–2010; who is running for re-election. Paris: L'Harmattan. Chercher un nom parmi 7 milliards d'individus. Watch Queue Queue. cit. See Costa e Silva, 1989c, op. Comme vous pouvez le voir, son patronyme est d’Almeida et sa famille est originaire de la ville d’Aného. Francisca de Medeiros, filha caçula de Francisco F. De Souza, o Chacá I, com seu filho Cesário no colo. Reprodução de foto original 30x40cm, com retoque de época (álbum da família Sra. [1’]. Even so, they still retained some social standing. Mme. Glutophrissa Butl.) Since 2007, these three parties have dominated as the main actors of Togolese political life. In other words, she is represented “as a white woman.” Cesário, with his very light skin, is dressed like a rich boy from western society. Chief Coordinator of both. The table is covered with an embroidered cloth and decorated with a vase of flowers picked from the garden. The room she is in has two distinct areas: the reception area, visible in the photo, and the dining area, hidden from view behind a divider at the back of the picture on the left-hand side. There, he married a local princess,2 with whom he had a daughter, Charlotte, who later married into the Costa Soares family – another prominent Aguda family. Seven candidates, including one woman, are therefore part of the electorate, each trying to convince the population to choose him/her. 1956) (Male) 1981 (Doctorat 3ème cycle) Déterminant non-communicatif et systèmes differentiels [Skew determinant and differential systems], Université de Paris 6 (France); Advisor: Jean Vaillant. It was down to Jean de Medeiros, who, alongside Messrs. Lima and D’Almeida, represented the largest African trading company in Ouidah, to mediate with the French. Notable alumni. Francisca Patterson) - s/d, Conselho paroquial da Catedral de Porto Novo constituído exclusivamente de “brasileiros". Patterson, as she has come to be known, was for many years the country’s representative with the International Red Cross, a position that took her to many parts of Europe and Africa and which involved considerable political activity, even though she never held a post directly in the state administration.

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