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Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, The diary of Anne Frank: the revised critical edition (New York, NY: Doubleday, 2003), A-version, 22 September 1942. - was one of those friends. Did you know… We have over 220 college Pseudonym of Setske de Haan (Oranjewoud, 24 November 1889 - Bussum, 31 October 1948). just create an account. By then, her other fictional friends had dropped out of the picture. From Anne Frank to Hello Kitty. In 1996, the critic Sietse van der Hoek wrote that the name referred to Kitty Egyedi, a prewar friend of Anne's. Anne Frank’s diary, originally … - was one of those friends. Anne's first entry is June 12, 1942 after she receives a diary for her 13th birthday. For example, on August 4 and 5, Anne writes to Kitty that ''to give you a closer look into our lives, from time to time I'll describe part of an ordinary day.'' The more she confides in Kitty, the more real Kitty becomes. And Miep Gies works for Otto Frank company that makes bottled essence quick … The Diary of Anne Frank (Excerpts 7/16/1943 - 8/3/1943) Lyrics. study It is only because of Miep Gies, one of the people who helped the family while in hiding, that Kitty survived. She was the second daughter of Otto Frank (1889–1980), a German businessman, and Edith Frank-Holländer (1900 – 45). Anne’s 14th and 15th birthdays … 0. From Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl DRAFT. You can test out of the Anne would imagine writing to fictional characters, often beginning her entries with ‘Dear Kitty’, sometimes ‘My darling Kitty’ and ‘Dearest Kitty’. 7 chapters | Get an answer for 'Why does Anne Frank call her diary "Kitty"?' After reading his daughter's words, Otto decided to publish the diary as Anne wanted. For Anne, writing in her diary became an important part of her routine. Anne, too, is intrigued by the idea and begins writing about publishing - not only her diary, but also the short stories she's working on. The story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who was tragically killed in the Holocaust, has been read by millions of people all over the world. In this lesson, we will look a bit more closely at that diary and the role it plays in 'The Diary of a Young Girl. Here you can read who Kitty really was and how, in Anne’s imagination, she was part of a larger circle of friends. and find homework help for other The Diary of a Young Girl questions at eNotes Early life. These books for girls revolved around the adventures of Joop ter Heul and her friends. Writing in a diary or journal can be helpful in many ways. I don’t think I have, so let me begin. All rights reserved. Il 12 giugno 2015 Anne Frank avrebbe compiuto 86 anni, per celebrare questa giornata e l'importanza del suo Diario abbiamo deciso di lanciare il progetto "Cara Kitty", incoraggiando a inviarci recensioni e pensieri sull'importanza de Il Diario di Anne Frank. tzangari-ryan. Anne Frank's incomplete novel 'Dear Kitty' published The Jewish girl who became posthumously famous with her diary also hoped to publish a novel. Erica has taught college English writing and literature courses and has a master's degree in children's literature. By then, Anne had been in hiding in the Secret Annex for two months. When she turns 13, Anne Frank begins her diary with the hopes of it being a friend. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons Anne Frank and Her Family Lived in a Secret Annex for 2 Years. She was cheerful and humorous, as well as naughty and cheeky. Anne Frank was born on 12 June 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. How Long Does IT Take to Get a PhD in Business? A fiery teenager, Kitty wakes up in the near future in Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam and embarks on a journey to find Anne, who she believes is still alive, in today's Europe. She writes, ''I know exactly what you're going to say, Kitty.'' Photograph dated between 1910 and 1920. Gold Series The stamp about Anne Frank is part of the series End of World War II. She writes that Kitty has ''never been through a war'' and knows ''very little about life in hiding'' apart from what Anne writes to her. The unfinished work of … Originally, Kitty was a character in the popular Joop ter Heul series, written by Cissy van Marxveldt. Anne made detailed entries throughout her time in the Secret Annex. Anne wrote that she wanted 'to correspond with someone' and invented several fictional characters (Kitty, Pop, Phien, Conny, Lou, Marjan, Jettje, and Emmy) to do so. The Franks were Jews, and they lived with many Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.Anne and Margot grew up with Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish friends. courses that prepare you to earn This is why she starts a diary. She also records the ordinary day-to-day routines of a hidden life. 328 times. By Norihiro Kato. She goes on to describe how she and the others in hiding manage to do such things as cook, clean, or even use the bathroom - things we might take for granted. Although Kitty is best known for Anne's diaries, Anne did not invent the character herself. She described Kitty as ‘a nice 14-year-old girl’ and said that they were becoming ‘close friends’. Although life in hiding was not easy, the people there slowly developed new routines. Collection: NRC image/ photographer unknown. She wrote her two farewell letters, after which no more letters were addressed to Jacqueline. To learn more, visit our Earning Credit Page. It is unclear why Jacqueline wasn’t ‘part of the group’. Many of Anne's entries are concerned with her emotions. Since Anne's diary is no secret among her housemates, she shares that ''everyone pounced on my diary.'' Many of Anne's entries were addressed to "Kitty." How Long Does IT Take To Get a PhD in Law? Although the Frank family had planned to go into hiding on July 16, 1942, they decided to leave immediately so that Margot would not have to be deported to a "work camp." In October 1942, Anne fantasised about skating and playing in a film with Kitty in neutral Switzerland. Though Anne dies before she can publish her diary or letters to Kitty, Miep Gies saves Kitty and gives the diary to Anne's father, Otto Frank. After the arrest, Miep found the pages of the diary and hid them away for safekeeping. For Anne Frank, this friend turns out to be her diary. Now published as The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne's written account of her two years spent in hiding during World War II helps us remember the struggles she and other Jewish families faced. flashcard set, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | What is the Difference Between Blended Learning & Distance Learning? What role did her diary play in her life? Anyone can earn Otto decides to honor his daughter's wishes and publish the diary. © copyright 2003-2020 Kitty Francken - Anne wrote Franken (!) Visit the Anne Frank - The Diary of a Young Girl Study Guide page to learn more. Verified Purchase. Edit. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Save. On September 3, the Frank family was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where Edith, Margot and Anne were separated from Otto Frank. - Definition, Function & Examples, Refund: How to Request a Refund from, How to Find an AP Environmental Science Released Exam, Tech and Engineering - Questions & Answers, Health and Medicine - Questions & Answers, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. Â. ‘Jacqueline’ was Jacqueline van Maarsen, Anne's friend at the Jewish Lyceum. Otherwise, I'd absolutely suffocate." Anne M. Frank FRIDAY, MAY 26, 1944 My dearest Kitty, At long, long last, I can sit quietly at my table before the crack in the window frame and write you everything, everything I want to say. She often writes to Kitty about her struggles with her mother, the difficulties of life in hiding, or her relationship with Peter, a young man hiding with the Franks. These books for girls revolved around the adventures of Joop ter Heul and her friends. These details give us a clearer idea of not only life in hiding but also what's happening in the world outside their hiding place. Another character in these books, Kitty Francken, is believed to have been the inspiration for the "Dear Kitty" on most of Anne's diary entries. Not only does a diary help us keep track of our lives and activities, but it can also provide a space where we can express our thoughts and feelings without worrying about holding anything back. It also gives readers valuable insight into the tragic events of the Holocaust. But where did the character of Kitty come from? ‘Dear Kitty’ made her first appearance in Anne's diary on 22 September 1942. Kitty and Anne Frank. MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern. Like most of us, Anne longs for a best friend, someone with whom she can share everything and not worry about how her friend will react. Van der Hoek may have been informed by the publication A Tribute to Anne Frank (1970), prepared by the Anne Frank Foundation, which assumed a factual basis for the character in its preface by the then-chairman of the Foundation, Henri van Praag, a… Anne addressed her as ‘Dear Kitty’, ‘My darling Kitty’, and ‘Dearest Kitty’. When she turns 13, Anne Frank begins her diary with the hopes of it being a friend. She continued writing in this notebook when her red-checked diary was full. Throughout the war, Anne writes to Kitty about her emotions, including her troubles with her mother and her relationship with Peter. When exactly Anne decided to address her letters only to Kitty is unclear, because her diaries from 1943 have not survived. Instead of writing ''Dear Diary,'' Anne begins her diary entries with ''Dearest Kitty. In her next diary, from 22 December 1943 onwards, Anne consistently addressed her letters to Kitty. With Kitty, Anne shares things she might share with another person. March 12, 2014; ... Anne Frank’s reception in Japan is another instance of the cuteification of … Although Kitty was to become Anne's most important imaginary friend, during the first half year in the Secret Annex, she addressed most of her letters to others. She names it Kitty. … Kitty was a char… Pop was another girl from Cissy van Marxveldt’s books. Father was born in Frankfurt am Main to very wealthy parents: Michael Frank owned a bank and became a millionaire, and Alice Stern’s parents were prominent and well-to-do. She wants ''the diary to be my friend, and I'm going to call this friend 'Kitty.''' flashcard set{{course.flashcardSetCoun > 1 ? She celebrated two birthdays while living in hiding. credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. '', Anne has human friends, of course, but she feels these friends are not ''true friends'' because they do not have conversations about ''anything but ordinary everyday things.'' In the selection from Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, why does Anne make diary entries as if she were writing letters to a friend named Kitty? She begins to think about publishing the diary after the war. Yours, Anne M. Frank MONDAY, MAY 8, 1944 Dearest Kitty, Have I ever told you anything about our family? When Otto, Anne's father, was the only one of the hidden to return, Miep gave him Anne's diary. has thousands of articles about every This is the first time that this work by Anne will be published in a new translation and in a stand-alone edition intended for a wide audience. How Long Does IT Take To Get A PhD IN Nursing? Only a rewritten version of that year is available. For seven decades, the diary of Anne Frank has given the world an intimate and moving account of daily life under Nazi occupation through the eyes of a Jewish schoolgirl in hiding. Kitty was the imaginary friend Anne Frank would often write to in her diary. Annelies Marie "Anne" Frank (German: [ˈanəˌliːs maˈʁiː ˈfʁaŋk], short version: [ˈanə ˈfʁaŋk] (), Dutch: [ˈɑnəˌlis maːˈri ˈfrɑŋk]; 12 June 1929 – February or March 1945) was a German-Dutch diarist of Jewish origin. 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